Hello and welcome to Ephemeral-Dream.com, home of the Robot Honey Network. Despite being over 10 years old now, this domain is a bit on the smaller side but I hope that doesn't deter you from staying around! As life goes on and I get busier with full time work, updates are slow however my love for this domain will never diminish. I'm always working behind the scene on something! Most sites on here are fanlistings, with some personal projects and tributes thrown into the mix so I hope thats your cup of tea!

Currently Ephemeral Dream is on what I call "summer mode" or "summer vacation". As mentioned above, updates are a little slow but still coming. The domain has been pared down a little bit in terms of accessible content for simplicity's sake at the moment. I'm still always accepting affiliates, etc. so don't be afraid to contact me about anything!

Happy Browsing!
      - Eimii  

Robot Honey's patron is Etro / Jill Valentine & Chris Redfield = OTP


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