My Top 100 MVs of 2017

While working on my last 2 lists I wanted to give you guys a little playlist I made featuring my top songs of the year. These are only title tracks and I did start to sort them by date but then gave up. I advise maybe just turning random/shuffle on and then enjoy it 🙂

Top 9 Singles of 2017

Yikes i didn’t envision it taking me so long to get this posted. So for those who dont know….for a 2nd year in a row, my fiance Ben has posted his top 9 albums on Facebook. I’m always inspired to do these and I did in fact, do a list last year. 3 actually with the way the Japanese and Korean music markets work, I knew just one top 9 list would reflect my opinions accurately. This list here will reflect my top 9 singles of the year. I decided to that in order to qualify for this list the …