9 Underrated gems of 2017

So I had a lot of favorite songs of 2017 and it was really hard to just condense it into 1 list. So in order to show off my thoughts a bit more I decided to make a few extra lists. This list will cover songs I felt should have gotten more love, or just went under the radar. They are fun or excellent songs and want them to get more recognition. Dream by Kassy I had happened to catch this song by chance on k-ville’s staff pick chart and I’ve been in love with it since. I don’t know …

My Top 100 MVs of 2017

While working on my last 2 lists I wanted to give you guys a little playlist I made featuring my top songs of the year. These are only title tracks and I did start to sort them by date but then gave up. I advise maybe just turning random/shuffle on and then enjoy it 🙂