The story begins when I met and became friends with Gina, who owned Dustrixity.net. She always had amazing design sense and was really friendly. ^^ She first hosted my mp3 rotation Virgin Ears and then later hosted my Xianghua tribute Sweet Harmony. When i wanted to learn PHP in order to run fanlistings, I approached her to ask if i could get another site hosted. Much to my surprise she not only told me yes but that she was buying me my own domain! I thanked her a lot and in late May 2006, Ephemeral-Dream.com was bought and presented to me. In May 2009 ED was re-dubbed The Robot Honey Network and i'm amazed this girl of mine is 14 years now.

• • •

The Name Names

Before Gina could present my domain to me i first needed to give her a name so she could register it. I admit I was a bit dumbfounded since I had so many interests. I just couldn't decide! Plus I wanted to get my domain up soon so I could get my fanlistings done in time! So i turned to my music player. lol. What would later become a bit of a tradition in naming my sites, i hit the random button till a song title popped up that liked or thought fit.

The song that stuck was Ephemeral Dream. It is Setsuka's stage music from Soul Calibur III and while its not something I would choose on my own, it resonated with me. I wanted something to reflect my interests, yet not too involved in a subject matter in case i ended up on not enjoying the fandom later. Which I'm somewhat grateful because I'm not too fond of the SC series these days. Ephemeral means "lasting for only a short period" or "lasting or living for only one day" and with dream it means something along the lines of "short lived dream" or "momentary dream". I think its slightly appropriate to me as a person because I am a creative and imaginative person. I daydream a lot as well. Also i have a lot of ideas that tend to not always make it to fruition. ^^;. Also I'm a Pisces (March 20th), which are known to be dreamers.

Robot Honey, which i re-dubbed the network as in 2009 comes from an Aira Mitsuki song of the same name. Again, i used my music player on shuffle. lol. I also liked that it was neat sounding but general enough in case i ended up on not liking the subject matter it came from. I find it to be kinda catchy. I love technology and i like to think I'm a sweet or friendly person...like Honey. Although i guess I'm not sickeningly sweet like honey can be. Err...i did mention before that i don't always make sense and/or is awkward? lol.

• • •

Layout History

Simply...this is about the current and past layouts. Not much to say! All layout credits can be found here.

Past Versions

  • Version 01.0 -- Kyushima Misachi
  • Version 02.0 -- B. Jenet
  • Version 03.0 -- Tsukiji Nao Artwork
  • Version 04.0 -- Final Fantasy 7: Before Crisis
  • Version 05.0 -- Sailor Saturn
  • Version 06.0 -- Jill Valentine
  • Version 07.0 -- Lovely Complex
  • Version 08.0 -- Tifa Lockheart of FF7
  • Version 09.0 -- Ashiya Mizuki of Hana Kimi
  • Version 10.0 -- Aya Brea of Parasite Eve
  • Version 11.0 -- Oerba dia Vanille of FF13
  • Version 12.0 -- Shirahime-Syo
  • Version 13.0 -- Nakshima Mika as NANA
  • Version 14.0 -- Tifa Lockheart of FF7
  • Version 15.0 -- Neku & Shiki from TWEWY
  • Version 16.0 -- Various Musicians
  • Version 17.0 -- Borderlands 2
  • Version 18.0 -- Weather Girls
  • Version 19.0 -- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
  • Version 20.0 -- LOONA / ODD EYE CIRCLE
  • Version 21.0 -- Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer