All the boring fun things about my domain can be found here. All the juicy details and archives. Even some stuff about yours truly! Some stuff not here is more likely covered in the site section, so please check there if you don't find what you need :D

How ED Came To Be

The story begins when I met and became friends with Gina, who owned She always had amazing design sense and was really friendly. ^^ She first hosted my mp3 rotation Virgin Ears and then later hosted my Xianghua tribute Sweet Harmony. When i wanted to learn PHP in order to run fanlistings I approached her to ask if i could get another site hosted. Or even just using a small spot on her domain to practice using phpfanbase.

Much to my surprise she not only told me yes but that she was buying me my own domain! I thanked her a lot and in late May 2006, was bought and presented to me. In May 2009 ED was re-dubbed "The Robot Honey Network" and in i'm amazed this girl of mine is 9 years now.

The Name Names

Before Gina could present my domain to me i first needed to give her a name so she could register it. I admit I was a bit dumbfounded since I had so many interests. I just couldn't decide! Plus I wanted to get my domain up soon so I could get my fanlistings done in time! So i turned to my music player. lol. What would later become a bit of a tradition in naming my sites, i hit the random button till a song title popped up that liked or thought fit.

The song that stuck was Ephemeral Dream. It is Setsuka's stage music from Soul Calibur III and while its not something I would choose on my own, it resonated with me. I wanted something to reflect my interests, yet not too involved in a subject matter in case i ended up on not enjoying the fandom later. Which I'm somewhat grateful because I'm not too fond of the SC series these days.

Ephemeral means "lasting for only a short period" or "lasting or living for only one day" and with dream it means something along the lines of "short lived dream" or "momentary dream". I think its slightly appropriate to me as a person because I am a creative and imaginative person. I daydream a lot as well. Also i have a lot of ideas that tend to not always make it to fruition. ^^;. Also I'm a Pisces (March 20th), which are known to be dreamers.

Robot Honey, which i re-dubbed the network as in 2009 comes from an Aira Mitsuki song of the same name. Again, i used my music player on shuffle. lol. I also liked that it was neat sounding but general enough in case i ended up on not liking the subject matter it came from. I find it to be kinda catchy. I love technology and i like to think I'm a sweet or friendly Honey. Although i guess I'm not sickeningly sweet like honey can be. Err...i did mention before that i don't always make sense and/or is awkward? lol.

Layout History

Simply...this about the current and past layouts. Not much to say! I also have a layout archive titled Paradigm Shift for your viewing pleasure. All layout credits can be found here.

Past Versions


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