I admit that at this point, playing so many Artifex Mundi games…not much is new to me. Like the second in the series….this one really drags out the having to replay on multiple occasions to get all collectibles and achievements. However I found myself enjoying this one more than the second one…must have been the fish people. lol.

The Stats:

  • Released March 27th, 2014 on Steam (PC)
  • I started and beat it on February 4th, 2017
  • Time Played: 7 hours
  • My Rating: 8/10
  • Metacritic: ??/100

Official Synopsis:

After a series of mysterious notes give Sara the evidence she needs to prove to the world the existence of the historical figure of Davy Jones, she calls a press conference to reveal what she has learned; that both Davy Jones and his mythical treasure are real, hidden away on a cursed island.

Suddenly Davy Jones’s sails appear on the horizon, and the undead pirate enters the museum to kidnap Sara and her daughter. They are taken to the hold of Jones’s ship. In order to save her mother, Corey Black agrees to sign a dark pact with the Sea Devil himself…

Sara Black must face her hardest task yet: in order to save her daughter from the soul-stealing pact with Davy Jones, she must find a way to cancel it. Will she succeed? Who is the voodoo witch who lives on the cursed island? Or the brilliant alchemist? Why does the ghost of a beautiful young girl roam Davy Jones’s island, and what is her connection to the legend?

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