The 4’11.5″ Caffiene Gamer

The Basics

Names: Eimii, Sakura Yosei
Birthdate: March 20th, 1988 (Age 31)
Sign: Pisces (Western), Wood Dragon (Chinese)
Hair: Dyed Black (Naturally Brown)
Eyes: Blue/Green/Grey
Height: 4’11.5″ ._.
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Current Residence: Minneapolis, MN
Likes: Coffee, Video Games, Web Design, Pasta & Pizza, All Things Japanese (except sake, natto and wasabi)
Dislikes: Smoking, Excessive Drinking, Milk, Sleep, Tiredness (I’m silly i know)

Gaming & I:

Been gaming since about age 3, when my brother needed someone to beat in street fighter 2. lol. I love RPGs and used to love fighting games a lot, however I’ve been branching out a lot lately. Have to thank the 360 and DS in the 00s for that. It takes me forever to beat games….well mainly my ps2 games and older….lmao. I’ve been a bit more productive with newer games i get.

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