Visitor Guidelines & FAQ

First off…thank you for visiting! I hope you found this place interesting. Its always fun to look back on things and see how you’ve evolved. However all I would like to ask that everyone follows a few simple rules.

  1. Much like a museum… Look but don’t touch! Please don’t download the images seen on here.
  2. Do not steal my designs. I’ve worked hard on these…even if some are over 10 years old and are super crappy. Inspiration is one thing, blatant copying is another.


Also here are some answers to some common questions.

I really like how you did ______. May I also use that?

It depends on what exactly you mean. If you liked how organized my content or how i rotated an image or something. Thats fine. Like how i used certain colors together? No problem. Just try to make it your own. Put your own twist and personality.

Where did you get that image/font/texture, etc.?

I generally state on the website where i got things. In the layout credits section. If possible i’ll even have it listed on the page description of the layout. However if i somehow missed it or if its on an older Layout by all means email me or attempt to leave a comment and i’ll try to get back to you. Nowadays, i just have all credits listed here.

Who is in that layout?

I will always state who or what is in a layout in the page description.

Why do some layouts look weird or incomplete?

In making Paradigm Shift i recently went through the Web Archive or WayBack Machine to find older versions on my layout. A lot of the time it saves content but not images. So sometimes background images are missing. If the header image is still present i put it here. If all were missing i chose not to put it up here.

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