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After much deliberation, i have decided I will BE CHANGING HOW I DO REQUESTS. My music library has grown so big that trying to get up some kind of request list has just proven to be too daunting. So for now the rules below will be in effect

  1. Eimii can only do Japanese, English or any other European language. Laura can only do Korean songs. So if an album/single has songs in several languages, only those will be done. Basically no Taiwanese or Chinese songs.
  2. Be polite when you are requesting.
  3. If looking for a song from a series, be sure to look under the artist's name as well as the series name. It might already be up here!
  4. Please give us time to finish your request. :) Also, please refrain from requesting more until we finish your other request.
  5. Requests limit are: 1 single, 1 album, or 3 songs.
  6. Once you have submitted a request we will let you know if we are able to do it. This will depend on wither it's something in our library or not. Want a bigger chance of it being done? Be sure its from an artist or series listed on the site already. :)

As a clarification. We don't do translations! I (Eimii) don't feel comfortable enough with my skills to put out translations that I would be proud of. Laura has also expressed the same sentiment.

Ready to Request or have a question? Shoot us an email with the Subject: Ring My Bell Song Request. If its a request is for Laura I'll pass it on to her!

Songs Requested

List of completed requests can he found here.

Hinouchi Emi - ME... album
Guitar Vader - From Dusk album
Various Artists - KIRAKIRA♡MAJOCCO♡CLUV album
Youjeen - BEWITCH album
Kyushima Misachi - Kinu no Michi mini-album
miwa - Hikari he single
Daisy×Daisy - Daisy×Daisy album
FLiP - XX emotion album
Vanilla Beans - VaniBest album
Aira Mitsuki - PLASTIC album