Contacting Me

Need to get a hold of me for some reason? Hosting? Affiliate? Error report or more? Use the following ways!

Shoot me an Email

Want to send a simple email? Then just send it to eimiisan @ gmail . com (remove the spaces). Try to give it a good subject so it doesn't end up in my spam folder. I generally check my email once a day, so if you don't hear back from me in a week feel free to send again.. I'm good at checking but sometimes forget to reply.

Finding Me Somewhere

Were you curious about finding me somewhere else? Such as facebook, tumblr or backloggery? Look no further! Below are places I'm at:

Linkage & More

The infamous "exit" type section of a domain. Here you can find info on my affiliates, places i admire and how to get yourself on to this list! Read on for more.


This is a place to show my closest affiliates and sister sites: people that I know personally online and that I love to death. I also look up to them with lots of respect in terms of their webdesign skills and quality of content. My internet and domain life just would not be the same without these lovely ladies. I'm always looking forward to more affiliates and the like.

Gina/Akumi (,,

History: My Former hostess, friend, and sister site since 2006.
Comments: Although is gone I will always list Gina here. Superb design style that was so clean and unique. Now has a portfolio up on the web.

Lady DinoBug (,

History: Just met in February 2014 via email correspondence.
Recommendations: SEXKITTEN, Defender.
Comments: Just became acquainted recently and im already impressed! Love her sense of style and I like seeing characters receiving tributes that are normally overlooked.

Wall of Worship

Yes i really do call it the wall of worship. Basically other domains i have link exchanged with or just plain enjoy. Either by their layouts/content or their sparkling personalities. lol. If you ever want to link exchange just at the top of my page for my contact info. My link section has its own site with its own fancy layout. The link below will open in a new window.

Kiss Me Good-Bye


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