Top 9 Singles of 2017

Yikes i didn’t envision it taking me so long to get this posted. So for those who dont know….for a 2nd year in a row, my fiance Ben has posted his top 9 albums on Facebook. I’m always inspired to do these and I did in fact, do a list last year. 3 actually with the way the Japanese and Korean music markets work, I knew just one top 9 list would reflect my opinions accurately. This list here will reflect my top 9 singles of the year. I decided to that in order to qualify for this list the album had to have 3 or less tracks.

These are listed in a numbered order, but it does not mean one is better over another. Also with the sheer number of songs released in 2017 I do have other lists prepared to cover those better.

1.) She’s A Baby by ZICO

When this was released I was genuinely surprised this was ZICO. 2017 was really the year for rappers to show their soft side. I’ve heard ZICO be more sensual with his 2016 hit I Am You, You Are Me, but She’s A Baby is a whole new world. I love the change in pace and the gradual increase in sound. It starts off with light instrumentation and soft vocals that are at times almost whispery. It slowly grows though with more beats and rhythm and his voice goes into a more soft rap. It’s a fun and amazing journey for a song and I love being along for the ride.

2.) Rollin’ by Brave Girls

First off I know this is billed as a mini-album but hear me out. Of the five tracks, three are the meat and potatoes of the single. One is an outro track and the other is a remix. So there. That said, I really fell for Brave Girls with their fun bop High Heels back in 2016. They even made my 2016 list with that release. I actually kinda forgot about them until this dropped. Rollin’ is a fun, sensual but slightly upbeat pop track with strong vocals produced by the Brave Brothers. I really enjoy the instrumental interludes after the chorus. Overall I would say this release is meant to be more mature and sensual and can be heard in tracks like Memory and especially in No Rush.


3.) Hangang by Hoody

Hoody was a bit of a late find for me. I discovered her shortly after some of Jay Park’s stuff and I regret not listening sooner. In fact even AFTER i discovered her, I didn’t stumble across Hangang until November or so. She released it in August! I love Hoody because her music just sounds chill, fun and uplifting. This song is no exception. I really love the sounds during the chorus and I just feel like i could stare out at the ocean in the passenger seat of car while listening to this.
4.) Idarui Sonyeo (JinSoul) by LOONA

Man with LOONA it can be really hard to choose between the girls but I think this may be my favorite solo single to date! This era or phase of LOONA can be tricky because this more catchy, electronic/dance side brought in a lot of new fans to the group but also made other fans worry that the other girls would be ignored in favor of the “three” (KimLip, JinSoul and Choerry) by said new fans. I’m able to appreciate to all the girls more or less and really this is a topic for another entry all together. I really enjoyed the intro to this song and just in general, its a bop. Listening to this song in headphones is so amazing and satisfying. The buildup throughout the song leading up to the chorus is amazeballs. I really cant describe how hype and giddy this song makes me. Also the PV…the visuals! Ugh be still my heart. It’s in my top 3 music videos of the year. Dem visuals!
5.) As If Its Your Last by BLACKPINK

Alright so i’m pretty bummed this was the only release by BLACKPINK last year. On top of that while its fun and catchy it took awhile to grow on me. I think I like LISA’s part the best because i feel the raps flow well but overall this song just didn’t live up to Boombayah or Playin’ with Fire. That said its still a good song. I just think they have big shoes to fill, which are their own.
6.) Anata ni wa Makenai by Gesu no Kiwami Otome.

The first and last Japanese release on this list! The first time I heard this song and watched this video I remember thinking “WTF?”. I mean Gesu Otome isn’t really a “normal” group so not much of their stuff should surprise me. I actually wasn’t sure if I would like it, but after a few more listens it really grew on me. As mentioned when I added their album, I’m glad the girls and even Kacho is getting more vocal time! This does have more electronic sound like their past album but I feel its becoming more natural to hear it from them. As usual though, its their harmonies and amazing solos here and there that really get me and make me love them.
7.) CAMO by BoA

I admit I mostly follow BoA’s Japanese career but the queen of dance tracks is back! This song is a good electronic dance song to get you hyped. It’s not the most original or mind-blowing song but it just hits all the right spots for me. From the builds up before the chorus to the amazing visuals, the song is good at keep your attention.
8.) Gashina by SUNMI

I wasn’t expecting to see a release from Wonder Girls member within the same year as their disbandment to be honest. However so far I just love the Energy and Personality SUNMI brings to the table with Gashina. Its even more prevalent if you watch the music video. Like Camo, its not the most sophisticated song but there is just something about it that hooks its claw into you and won’t let go. Sure its repetitive but man oh man i don’t mind. It’s the perfect “eff you for leaving something this good” song.
9.) Idarui Sonyeo (KimLip) by LOONA

Alright alright another LOONA song and I know I know, another of the “three”. But bear with me! I made this list right when Yves made her debut and it was before Chuu made her debut too. Yeojin is not on this list but you’ll see why soon. ANYWAYS, Eclipse. This song probably a bit slower and more sensual than Singin’ in the Rain or Love Cherry Motion but thats okay. It’s why I like it as much as I do. I feel this is the mature side LOONA has to offer. A bit repetitive at times and i feel it doesn’t change as much but I its such easy listening. It’s yet another tracks thats good to listen to with headphones with.
Honorable Mentions

And thats it for my favorite singles of the year! Stay tune for my other posts~

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