9 Underrated gems of 2017

So I had a lot of favorite songs of 2017 and it was really hard to just condense it into 1 list. So in order to show off my thoughts a bit more I decided to make a few extra lists. This list will cover songs I felt should have gotten more love, or just went under the radar. They are fun or excellent songs and want them to get more recognition.

Dream by Kassy

I had happened to catch this song by chance on k-ville’s staff pick chart and I’ve been in love with it since. I don’t know much about Kassy other then that she was a contestant of the show Unpretty Rapstar. I wouldn’t have guessed she was a rapper from this song! It a song that flows from mellow to powerful and right back down to mellow. Her vocals really suit this style and its a damn shame that as I’m writing this, this video only has 511,703 views.


Z Z Z by Limesoda

Again another song I wouldn’t have found if it weren’t for k-ville. Given the quality of the MV and the fun, playful nature of the song I thought for sure this would have more of a following. These girls have the right energy and apparently the company hopes to add more members. It would nice to see more duos in K-Pop though! As of writing this, this video only has 230,642 views.


Want You To Stay by PLAYBACK

When they debuted in 2015, I was really rooting for them. I liked their sound but they dropped their self-titled track and then just seemed to disappear. I thought for sure they had disbanded which was a damn shame. Come October 2017 though and they drop this rather summer/tropical house feeling song written by none other than Wonder Girls member Ye-Eun (HA:TFELT). While I feel their timing is a little off for this kind of song I enjoyed it and its single a lot. I’m happy to report it has 4,784,788 views so far.


Six Pack Twins by Deadlift Lolita

Alright so this might be seen as the weirdest choice on my list. haha. But hear me out! I stumbled upon this by accident and actually had no clue Ladybeard had left LADYBABY. LADYBABY formed in 2015 they were seen as a sort of BABYMETAL clone however decided to differentiate themselves by having Australian wrestler Ladybeard join two normal idols. It went okay, i didn’t enjoy it much and Ladybeard eventually left the group. The two girls went on without him and he chose to form a new duo with Female wrestler and weightlifter Saiki Reika. To me this makes more sense, they have something in common, the group has a theme and Ladybeard gets to sing/scream more. It was hard to choose a song since they released several last year but I feel this captures them best. Also their logo! Whoever designed it gets mad props. As of this article this video has 208,080 views. 🙁



I’ll be honest. I don’t really like CHEETAH. Her previous songs and voice don’t usually work for me but all of that went out the window when I heard this song. I was trying to figure out what felt so familiar about it and finally I listened to it one day with my fiance nearby and he said “is that nujabes?”. The piano is what really got me hooked but I felt listening to this MV with CC on is what really reeled me in. The lyrics really tell a story especially with the back and forth with guest rapper HANHAE. This song is actually my #1 most played song of 2017 according to spotify. After a year it only has 290,936 views?! WTF.


Kiss Later by Yeojin (LOONA)

Alright so as I’ve done my other lists I’m sure you kept hearing me say I’ll talk more about Yeojin in a later article. Well here it is. So for the most part, I feel like Yeojin has gotten the shaft in LOONA. I realize part of it might be because she only just turned 15, so they couldn’t work her as much but she has such a lovable personality! She was skipped over for LOONA 1/3 initially and didn’t guest in any singles after her debut. She only appeared in music videos here and there. I think Yeojin is actually one of the reasons why I love Chuu’s song so much. It reminds me of her and I really hope the two girls can do a song together. That said, Yeojin has one of the most fun and catchy songs of the year. I really appreciate that the song and theme is appropriate for her age but not too overdone. It’s not sickeningly sweet bubblegum pop. It’s a grooving, brassy track and I appreciate the humor in the video. My poor little Yeojin only has 1,132,647 views so far. 🙁


Jelly by HOTSHOT

I kept seeing this song on the k-ville charts and I didn’t pay it much mind. By week 7 or so though it started to get stuck in my head so I added it to my spotify playlist. Now its one of my top 5 listened to songs for the year. I actually hadn’t listened to HOTSHOT before this song. I also haven’t listened to them since this song. Theres just something about the beat and the vocals that pulled me in. The video isn’t really that great (to me) and the title has me a little baffled in relation to the lyrics. I guess its kind of a guilty pleasure song for me. The choreography is not bad but its really the shots and the lightning that drive me crazy. As of this article this song has 2,564,120 views.


The Real by N.Flying

N.Flying is another band that was formed under FNC entertainment, with label mates like CNBLUE and FT ISLAND. I’m actually surprised they aren’t more popular! I enjoyed their past hits like Lonely but I thought The Real would really (no pun intended) put them on the map. It’s a super fun and catchy song and I feel the music video makes the song even more enjoyable. Plus puns! They’re “reeling” in a fish in the sea aka the girl that has captured their heart. This addicting song only has 1,714,905 views as of this article.



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