miss A’s Touch

It’s Monday again so it’s time for Music Monday again. On the 20th, miss A released their first mini-album “Touch”. I admit i’ve had the mini-album since it came out, but i’ve yet to listen to anything but the title track 😡

miss A is a korean pop/dance group that is aimed at the south korean and chinese markets. Jia and Fey are Chinese while Min and Suzy are korean. I love that age isn’t really a problem in this group. I like that JYP (Jin Young Park) focused on talent and their chemistry then anything else. Suzy is quit a few years younger (17) then the rest of the girls but can keep up with them vocally. I also like that Min looks somewhat on the heavier side. Curvacious is probably the word i’m looking for. Each girl is really pretty but i think Min takes the cake.

Everything is fun, catchy and meaningful without being too scandalous or slutty, etc. I admit the first time i heard this song i thought it was a little odd, much like their single Breathe. But the more i listened the more it grew on me, plus i think the dance is rather unique. The video and song are a little more on the serious side/tone but i still enjoy it a lot.

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