Music Monday is back!!

I wanted to start with a song that was just released on March 21st since in me trying to understand its sudden popularity…i ended up on liking it. haha. PRISTIN is a group I had not heard of so I was wondering how so many people took to this “unknown” so quickly. Little did I know there was nothing unknown about them! Out of this ten member group, seven of them were on the extremely popular music reality show Produce 101. A show where 101 girls from all the different entertainment companies competed to be in a group that was would be promoted for a year: I.O.I. . Not only did PRISTIN’s leader Na Young become the leader of I.O.I. , Zhou Jieqiong (Kyulkyung) also made it into the group….so this already peaked a lot of people’s interests. While those two were promoting in I.OI. The other eight girls released their single WE as PLEDIS GIRLZ last summer to pretty good reception. With I.O.I disbanding earlier this year, Kyulkyung and Na Young were able to come back to form their complete group: PRISTIN.

The song mainly got to me because of the “wee woo”s in the chorus but I found myself drawn to the girls vocals themselves. Somehow each girl just seems to fit the area of music they were given. The harmonize well and overall I find their look, sound and music video to reminiscent of TWICE. I really do wonder if these girls will give them a run for their money. Psst. don’t hate….I like TWICE too. Only other things I can say about this song is I assume the “wee woo”s are the sound of an ambulance? You hear the sirens in the songs background on occasion and they rap at one point to get them an ambulance. lol.


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