The 401

my history with them

I believe it was back in 2003 or so? possibly 2004. This was back in the days of geocities! I had just two fanlistings, the Sniper Wolf (metal gear solid) and the music videos of Guitar Vader. However my Guitar Vader one was shut down pretty quickly, apparently they didn't have music videos. I just wanted a Guitar Vader fanlisting ;.; I was pretty green back in the day. I ended up on adopting out my Sniper Wolf fanlisting and I didn't go back to fanlistings again till 2006, when I got my domain. I was able to use PHP so updating with Enthusiast made things easy for me.

My collection to this day is still pretty small compared to most fanlisting owners. ^^; My collection was a bit bigger in the past but some have been removed due to inactivity. I admit I don't have the best track record when it comes to being on the troubles list at TFL/AFL. Reason why? time flies! Some of my smaller fanlistings sometimes only get a member once every four/five months. I'm working on making sure to pick one day a month to go through and update all my fanlistings. D:

I also work at the fanlistings as a trouble checker! I started off as a trouble check for the Female Musicians category but when an opening in Games came up I pounced on it. Games is my favorite category by far and as silly as it sounds, I've been a big fan of Jackie's (the staffer) web work since 2000 or so. The Sailor Senshi Page XD. Anyways, I've been a trouble checker for about 3 years now i believe. As of April 2106, I am now also a category staffer for Musicians: Female, so I will probably be even more active with new fanlistings. :)


version and name history

You are viewing version 13.0 of Wonderland. After having some pink I wanted to go back to some darker colors. I've been missing the Mass Effect franchise lately so I decided to use an image of femshep. This layout was quite a fun and complicated process for me. A lot of different resources were used. Credits can be found at the bottom of the page!

I admit i was at a loss for a title when i was first making my collective. As my usual tradition goes, hit shuffle in my music player till i get a song title that works/that i like. I ended up on "WONDERLAND" by the Korean J-Pop artist "MAY". I rather like it and thought it was basic enough that it wouldn't just be tied to one thing.


who is eimii?

Well the basic introduction I guess is: 32 Year-old female from Santa Cruz, California. I work in clothing retail and I currently live in the midwest. I love anything pasta & bread and will eat just about any type of Japanese food. I'm a big gamer and have been since age 3 and generally have more coffee than water running through me. lol. okay so that was a bit of a exaggeration but I really do drink a lot of coffee. If you really want to more, you can find my profile on my domain...and really i encourage to check out my domain anyways :p. Find out more here.