Where do I begin….the first game ran fine on my computer. The second one….just wouldn’t size properly….meaning my mouse icon and the game’s mouse icon were never lines up properly. Often I would go to click on something near the edge of the zoomed in window to pick up an item, etc. and it would click me out of the window all together and back into the larger scene. I remember this most when assembling the mannequins. While I’m glad the voice over was removed i felt over all the first game was a better experience. Also the plot has me a little baffled….in the first game she sounds like a child but I know she’s set to marry Adam so I decided she must be at least a teenager. However this game takes place one year later? Is she a teenager or an adult? She has a kid in this one. smh. I know its just a game but I got the impression this game was marketed to younger girls since the first one was released on the DS.

The Stats:

  • Released April 15th, 2014 on Steam (PC)
  • I started, beat and completed it on January 31st, 2017
  • Time Played: 2 hours
  • My Rating: 4/10
  • Metacritic: ??/100

Official Synopsis:

A year later everyone thought they had seen the last of the witch but she’s back. And this time she’s captured Princess Isabella’s child and cast a spell over the whole kingdom in the process. Save the kingdom and follow the witch’s evil path back to her lair. Defeat her for the last time with the help of your trusty Fairy sidekick and a new friend you met along the way!

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