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The Stats:

  • Released December 19th, 2012 on Steam (PC)
  • I started it on June 11th, 2017, beat and completed on June 15th, 2017.
  • Time Played: 3 hours
  • My Rating: 7/10
  • Metacritic: N/A

Official Synopsis:

Return to a sinister, unsettled House …very different than the one you remember. The power of a cursed gem has unleashed a murderous plague that extends far beyond the HouseĀs walls; and you must employ your psychic abilities to stop these evil spirit using your seek & find skills.

Break the power of a cursed gem!

Travel to exotic locations throughout the world in search of the artifacts that can destroy this wicked presence. Solve a massive array of cleverly designed puzzles and ingeniously hidden objects as you unravel in this story of supernatural intrigue, unbounded adventure and sweeping scope.

The House needs you.

Will you answer its call?

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