Dragon Quest VIII is very near and dear to my heart. It is the entry that introduced me to the DQ series has one of my favorite characters ever in it: Jessica Albert. When they announced the DS port I was quite happy. It had been so long since i had beaten it that I wanted to revisit it. I enjoyed quite a bit of the new features such as no more random encounters and instant alchemy pot. While I appreciated the new available party members, Morrie and Red, I found I rarely used them. The game was well built strategy wise around the original 4 I had a hard time replacing someone for long. Apparently you can marry Jessica now too which I’m like “eh”. I still feel like its more for player’s convenience then anything, despite her liking the hero being “canon” I’m still not convinced. ANYWAYS, I am still in the process of playing to 100%. I still  have the dragon trials and finishing up alchemy, etc.

The Stats:

  • Released January 20th, 2017
  • I started  it on February 19th, 2017 and beat it on February 24th, 2018
  • Time Played: 73 hours
  • My Rating: 10/10
  • Metacritic: 89 (PS2) , 85(3DS),

Official Synopsis:

Uncover the story of the Cursed King as you save the world from a twisted magician in this genre-defining role-playing game. Across the vast world you’ll wage turn-based battles against more than 250 monsters designed by famed artist Akira Toriyama. As you level up, upgrade your warriors’ skills to learn mighty attacks. Untold possibilities await. After setting off into the unknown, you’ll find monsters roaming the field—these are no mere random encounters. There’s a satisfying rhythm to traveling, fighting monsters, earning items, crafting something useful with them using an alchemy Pot, and returning to battle, stronger than ever. To some, it’s pitch-perfect RPG gameplay, complete with additional content outside the main storyline. In the Monster Arena, you’ll form and battle teams of monsters to climb the ranks. It’s but one of many features that makes this RPG a classic among classics.

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