Dragon Quest IX – Battle Records

Since there is no real spot to do this on backloggery and because i had it on here before, i’m posting my battle records for DQ9. Mostly just my game/character stats. As i have said before, i really really do love DQ9. There is so much to do! I’m still working on 100% completion. lol. i doubt i’ll get it but i will still try. 😀

Last Updated: April 18th, 2013

Terra the Foxy Fortune-Teller’s battle records
Time Spent Playing: 334:38
Battle Victories: 5087
Alchemy Performed: 758
Accolades Earnt: 186
Quest Completed: 165
Grottoes Completed: 172
Guest Canvassed: 0
Defeated Monster Completion: 85%
Wardrobe Completion: 86%
Item List Completion: 94%
Alchenomicon Completion: 79%

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