You have stumbled upon Love IS Energy, Eimii's collective for sites dedicated to the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon series. Growing up with as a kid, it was only natural that I would pay a tribute to it someday. This collective will only focus on the 90s anime, manga and recent reboot Crytal anime. Sorry PGSM and SeraMyu fans! m()m

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These are all the sites currently part of Love IS Energy. They are divided up into different categories for your convenience.


HIMITSU // Easter Eggs & References

I originally went back and forth on the idea of Himitsu because I knew Betty Ann of The Oracle had started a similar section. However I that noticed like me, she had only gotten so far with her "did you know" section and ultimately, i wanted a site dedicated solely to it. In the end, I went with my gut though and here it is now. I fully admit this is nowhere near done but always check back for more. With Sailor Moon Crystal out now my motivation has gone up quite a bit.


SACRIFICATION // Sailor Lethe & Mnemosyne

Even though they were only around briefly they were one of the few manga villains that really stuck out to me. If anything I think it's because they made some of the most realistic choices anyone has made in the series. I would choose to go with Galaxia too if it meant not being killed. I was saddened when looked around on the internet and there were only blurbs and wiki articles on them. They needed more love! Currently this site is static unless I think of something new to add.


DARK FIRE // Cooan

When I first watched the final stand off between Mars and Cooan I was almost in tears as a kid. Cooan was full of deep emotion and my heart broke for her in terms of Rubeus. Sure she looked a little funny attire wise but I felt she could be a nice woman, perhaps a little naive when it came to love, and protective of her family. I haven't read much of the R manga arc but I hope to. Eventually i would like to turn this humble fanlisting into a tribute site for her.

PRAGMATIC // Sailor Lead Crow

I was blown away by her first appearance at T&A Academy in the Manga. Those first few panels I still think are Takeuchi's best. Her design to me was just so beautiful, her wings and facial expression in particular. In the anime, I grew more attached to her and her relationship with Siren. In a way it reminded me of Moon & Mars (although Siren is way more spacey). This is still just a fanlisting but I hope to make it a tribute someday.

WHITE ROUTE // Route Venus

I'm sure everyone knows by now my favorite anime series by far is Sailor Moon (hence this collective). One of the other reasons I love the series is its music. While i'm a huge fan of pretty much any Mars or Venus song, i'd have to say this one really stuck to me. You hear it the most in the series in relation to Venus and it reminds me of her situation the most. All in all I just find it catchy and I'm a huge fan of Fukami Rica. Plus Takeuchi-sensei wrote it herself.


Here you can find a nice list of things I eventually would like to have up here on Himitsu. My Primary focus is to get my Cooan and Sailor Lead Crow fanlistings into fansites and then maybe I can focus on the ones below.


Love IS Energy is a project born out of pure love for the Sailor Moon series. While Himitsu and Sacrification hung out on this subdomain as early as 2007, it wasn't till 2012 that I made a proper page for the sub-domain itself. SM related fanlistings were only recently moved over from my main FL collective.

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